Welcome to Eco-Thresholds, a global database of ecological thresholds for estuarine species

Understanding how organisms will respond to environmental stressors is paramount to evaluate the potential ecological impact of climate change on estuarine ecological communities. The level of sensitivity and resilience of species to climate-driven stressors largely depend on their ecological tolerance. However, available information about environmental thresholds of estuarine species is typically insufficient and extremely scattered, which strongly limits the assessment of climate change risks to estuarine communities.

This database was created as a tool to facilitate access to meta-data on species-specific environmental thresholds necessary for assessing climate change risk in NSW estuaries. It provides public access to a comprehensive collection of all the current data available on different physiological thresholds of key NSW estuarine species. The data collected is focused on physiological limits to environmental variables that are known to be highly influenced by climate change such as temperature, salinity, sea levels, acidity, carbon-dioxide and dissolved oxygen.

Gaps in the available ecological information are, arguably, one of the main limitations for assessing the potential impact of climate change on estuarine communities. Hopefully, with the creation of this public database we can safe valuable time to scientist and provide them with a reliable source of information to developed more accurate assessments of the potential climate change impact in estuarine ecosystems in NSW and other regions around the world with similar climatic and ecological settings.